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Episode 105 | The Sex That Got Away

When the ladies attend a rock and roll hall of fame event, Victoria reunites with an old flame and Melanie gets up close and way too personal with her music idol, Hailey Nash.

Episode 102 | Who's Your Mamma

Joy exploits her new found appeal in Cleveland by dating a much younger man but her new relationship exposes an old secret. Melanie encourages Elka to date again & Victoria shops for less at Big N Easy but stays for so much more.

Episode 619 | Kitchen Nightmare

The gang buys Stormi’s. Melanie deals with a temperamental chef. Victoria tries to impress a restaurant critic (Jim O’Heir). Joy meets the mother of the baby she wants to adopt. Elka goes on a date with The Pope.

Episode 621 | Say Yes To The Mess

Victoria and Melanie try to cope with Joy moving out. Bob (Dave Foley) does his best to impress Joy’s mother (Juliet Mills). Elka has difficulty breaking up with Victoria’s father (Stacey Keach).

Episode 624 | I Hate Goodbyes

Joy and Bob continue their adventure to pick up a baby available for adoption in Las Vegas. Victoria and Johnny Revere reflect on their past. Elka helps Bob’s dad find the perfect woman. Melanie works on her wedding toast.

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