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Episode 219 | Bridezelka

Elka and her fiancé Fred meet with Reverend Boyce to plan their simple wedding ceremony. But the ladies encourage Elka to go bigger and Elka quickly morphs into a bouquet-slugging Bridezelka. Victoria tests out a new Mrs. Ladypants product while she, Melanie, and Joy do the bridezilla’s bidding.

Episode 301 | Elka's Choice (Part 1)

After her allegedly dead husband Bobby interrupts her wedding, Elka must choose between him, Max and Fred. Victoria reaps the benefits of her accidental marriage to Joy…on national television.

Episode 304 | Funeral Crashers

When the dry cleaners lose Melanie’s favorite dress, Elka takes them funeral crashing to track it down. Joy and Victoria are forced to face their pasts and Elka is reunited with someone who might be part of her future: Roy.

Episode 306 | One Thing Or A Mother

The ladies throw a dinner party to remedy their unfortunate date dilemmas: Joy’s dating a man of indeterminate age, Victoria’s seeing a hand model, Melanie’s guy regrettably resembles Winnie the Pooh and Roy’s mom hates Elka.

Episode 307 | Two Girls and a Rhino

When Joy and Elka learn that their combined scents is an aphrodisiac for the nearly extinct Black Rhinos, they’re forced to live together at the Cleveland zoo until the species is saved. Victoria dates a janitor while Melanie dates a Senator.

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