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Episode 207 | Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks & Joy's Fix

Joy meets a wonderful guy in the waiting room of her therapist, then steals his file to learn more about him quickly. Meanwhile Elka tries to train a rescue dog and Victoria tries to jump-start her career by making a sex tape...with Melanie.

Episode 209 | Elka's Snowbird

Elka tries to convince Max, who is pining to fly to Florida, that she can keep him warm in the cold, Cleveland winter. Melanie, looking to do some meaningful charity work, enlists Joy to help her cook and serve healthy meals at the Senior Center with disastrous results. And Victoria falls hard for a man she meets during an "Oh Hi, Ohio" interview, only to be thwarted by his two children, who have decided to hate her.

Episode 211 | Where's Elka? (Part 2)

Elka’s on the lam and the women go looking for her…in Amish country. Meanwhile, Joy’s a source of scandal as the Governor’s alleged mistress and faces deportation while Victoria finds herself a little too “at home” with the Amish.

Episode 215 | Unseparated At Birthdates

When the ladies fix each other up on dates, Elka plays dumb to land a rich bachelor, Melanie's date is holier than thou, Joy only likes hers when he’s not himself & Victoria gets double what she bargained for. Their new friend Roy helps them through it.

Episode 216 | Love Thy Neighbor

When Melanie suspects Joy might be using drugs, she recruits neighbor Rick to help her find out. Little does she know, the drug in question is Rick himself. Meanwhile, Elka teaches Victoria how to act old for a musical version of Driving Miss Daisy.

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